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Fun for the whole family.

With more than 150 acres devoted to recreational facilities, Shadow Creek Ranch has countless ways for residents to enjoy some good, old-fashioned fun. In addition to the neighborhood parks and playgrounds scattered throughout the community, there's a fabulous water park and two recreation centers. No matter where you live in the community, you can enjoy each and every recreation center. So come on and join in, at Shadow Creek Ranch, there's fun in every direction.

Please note: Shadow Creek Ranch's recreation centers are open only to Shadow Creek Ranch homeowners and their guests. Cards can be obtained from the HOA

To learn more about our recreation centers follow these links:

Diamond Bay Water Park
Reflection Bay Recreation Center
Emerald Bay Recreation Center
Biscayne Bay Recreation Center

To download the Shadow Creek Ranch Pool Schedule Click Here.

Coming soon: a park by the City of Pearland

In addition to the more than 700 acres of trails, green space and lakes that are planned for the community, the developers of Shadow Creek Ranch have donated about 128 acres of land to the City of Pearland for use as a regional Sports Park. This donation will further help to maintain the natural state of the property while also enhancing the quality of life for residents. The parkland property is located in the northeast section of the community, north of Shadow Creek Parkway on Kingsley Drive.

Shadow Creek Ranch Wetlands Park

A Wetlands Park and Learning Experience is already being utilized. An innovative plan, the design preserves the environment, blending the active uses of the regional park while respecting and celebrating the very nature of the land itself.

Additionally, the parkland will accommodate recreational components associated with a regional park. The City of Pearland has retained a Park Planning Consultant to handle the development of the Sports Park component. A conceptual plan, now in development stages, includes softball fields, tennis courts, soccer fields, walking and jogging trails, concession centers, an aquatic center, a recreation center and a children's playground. Construction on the Sports Park will begin in June 2014. The city's site plan for the park can be found at the bottom of their Parks Projects page.