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Kirby Drive Expansion Project Opens to Traffic

The Kirby Drive Expansion Project is open to traffic. The project, which is expected to improve area traffic flow, completes a segment of the City’s Thoroughfare Plan between Broadway and CR 59.

Located south of Broadway to the CR 59 intersection, the project adds two lanes of concrete pavement and includes a curb and gutter roadway, a 6-foot wide sidewalk along the western alignment and center medians. An extension of the existing storm sewer system and the relocation of water lines and fire hydrants is included in the construction. The completion of the existing traffic signal at the Pearland Town Center along with the installation of a new traffic signal at the high school entrance was also included.

The original roadway consisted of two north-south travel lanes, however, development activities in the area including the Pearland Town Center, the buildout of two additional sections of the Southern Trails subdivision, the opening of an elementary school on CR59, and the construction of a new high school west of Kirby Drive increased traffic volumes in recent years resulting in the need to expand the roadway.

The project began in May with a total construction budget of $2.9 million.