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Go Sharks! Future Shadow Creek High School mascot unveiled

Move over Oilers, Eagles and Rail Cats. The Shadow Creek Sharks will soon join the mix of school mascots when Pearland’s fourth high school opens its doors in August of 2016.

During a summer election held at the West Pearland Library, future students of the new Shadow Creek High School selected school colors and the mascot from a ballot that also included the Spartans, Timberwolves, Titans or Storm.

Students were able to cast their ballots on official voting machines thanks to the joint efforts of the Brazoria County Election Office, Brazoria County Commissioner Stacey Adams and Alvin ISD officials.

Once voting was complete, Alvin ISD trustees voted to approve the naming of the mascot as well as the school colors of black and silver with an ocean blue accent at a meeting held Tuesday (Sept. 8).