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AMD Global Announces Pre-Lease Opportunity in Pearland Multi-Specialty Office Space

December 19, 2013 – AMD Global CEO, Dharmesh Patel, M.D., announced the availability, via pre-lease, of cutting-edge office space in Pearland’s next exclusive office building, Shadow Creek Professional Plaza.

The $20+ million, 110,000-square-foot Class-A medical office building will serve as a multi-specialty office located on Discovery Bay and Business Center Drives, between the HCA Pearland Medical Center and Memorial Hermann Medical Campus.

“This development will be a good addition to the South 288 Pearland corridor. With all the growth we see in the community we need office space for businesses needing to relocate,” Matt Buchanan, President of the Economic Committee of Pearland said, “it will also compliment the HCA Pearland Medical Center and Memorial Hermann Medical Campus in the area.”

AMD Global has given physicians a new avenue to provide quality Texas Medical Center care by creating a satellite office base where they can operate within the multi-specialty office building.

Patients receive the same care more promptly at a multi-specialty office by eliminating the travel time to see specialists in different locations.  By consolidating the services we will make it easier for patients to receive quality medical center care within their back yard
“I believe Pearland is a fast growing market for medicine in general, and as it stands now half my practice is in Pearland and I would like a home base there,” Swetanshu Chaudhari, M.D., Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, said.

Chaudhari currently has a practice SunCoast Plastic Surgery in Friendswood and will maintain the SCR location as a satellite.

The SCR Professional Plaza not only maintains the standard of world class health care, it also helps Texas maintain the #1 position of the nation’s best state for business.
Unlike other corporate developments where the physician and tenants are only allowed to lease space, this unique development empowers physicians by giving them ownership interest, if they choose.

“As of now the project is giving entrepreneurs access to investments in the development that they may not have been previously able to achieve. As a physician owner they will continue to manage their investments into future developments, thus perpetuating the vehicle of growth in Texas business, allowing Texas to prevail over other states in business opportunities,” Patel said.

AMD Global has contracted Powers-Brown Architects and Burton Construction to ensure the highest quality construction techniques are used in development.
Among the many Class-A features SCR Professional Plaza provide are eco-friendly designs (Powers-Brown ranks 12th on the Houston Business Journal’s Green Architects list) and is expected to be LEED certified. 

“We not only want to meet current industry standards, but exceed them by building state of the art facilities that will weather the test of time and design,” Patel said.

Shadow Creek Professional Plaza

AMD Global is a Houston-based development company that has a broad range of products in commercial property, the healthcare sector, management services and emergency clinical services. Its main focus is to deliver state of the art developments to a region where revitalization will help promote the local economic structure. With a proven track history AMD Global aspires to leverage our projects to foster other premium developments. For more information www.amdasset.com