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County, city focus on proposed westside library

A new library for the city’s west side is a step closer to reality.

During a recent joint meeting, Pearland City Council and Brazoria County Commissioners Court agreed to appoint a committee to explore the possibility, Pearland City Manager Bill Eisen said.

The size of the committee has not been determined, but City Council and Commissioners Court will both make appointments to it, he said.

Eisen expects the committee to start meeting later this year.

“It’ll look for ways that we can get the project funded and moving along,” Eisen said. “I think there’s a sincere interest. That’s what everybody said last night, and I’ve got no reason to doubt them in trying to meet the need out there.”

Currently, the city's only library is at 3522 Liberty Drive on the city’s east side. But a nonprofit group called The Friends of Pearland Westside Library has been pushing for a west side library to address rapid residential growth, primarily in Shadow Creek Ranch.

The facilities for libraries in Brazoria County are provided by cities, but are operated by the Brazoria County Library System.

Eisen said specifics for a new library on Pearland’s west side are a long way from being decided.

“Like always, there’s issues to work out like how to work the cost of acquiring a facility, whatever kind of facility it ends up being, and also the cost of operating it, especially in a time when the economy’s a little bit down,” he said. “Those are the kind of things that this committee can try to work through and find solutions to those questions.”

Article by Thayer Evans, Houston Chronicle